As a way of saying "thank you," when you refer someone, after we meet with them on our first appointment, we'll give you $100.

On top of that, if your referral becomes a Managed Client, we will give you the 3rd month’s agreement value. In other word, if their agreement is for $3,000, you personally will get a check at the end of month three for that amount. (Up to $3,500.)

So, You Might Be Wondering – Who Makes a Great Referral for Omega Tecks?

There are a number of business owners who would potentially love the services Omega Tecks can offer to help grow their businesses and increase their bottom line.

We’ve found that we work best with Professional Services businesses that have between 10 and 75 computers in their office and needs help with its network, data backup, support, compliance, and cyber security. By having us as their IT provider, they’ll have the peace of mind knowing we’ve got their back! Perhaps you know a business owner who just needs a good, no-obligation second option about their technology game plan. Either way, Omega Tecks can help!

Here’s How it Works.

  • You introduce us to your contact that meets our Who Makes a Great Referral for Omega Tecks (see above)
  • It’s best if you perform the initial introduction
  • We’ll then call to schedule an appointment with them.
  • After the initial appointment, we’ll send you a check for $100, even if they don’t become a client.
  • If your referral does become a client, at the end of the third month of their agreement, you’ll get a check equal to their monthly pre tax agreement value up to $3,500.

We are looking forward to hearing from you:

Call us at 913-281-6457, or fill in the form on this page to help your friend.

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