Does HIPAA Compliancy Confuse You?

What government regulation is not confusing?  All the forms, questions, remediations, training, checking on staff to make sure they completed everything.  It really makes your head spin!

Omega Tecks is proud to say, we know your pain and struggle.  Unlike other IT providers, we have gone the same route as Health Care providers and completed our “Good Faith Effort” to achieve HIPAA Compliancy!

Yes, an IT provider achieved HIPAA Compliancy!

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You may ask, WHY?

We believe that taking the same steps, answering the same questions, taking the same training with the same goal, sets us apart from other IT providers because we can help step you through the process.

Now, are you ready to Achieve HIPAA Compliance?

Omega Tecks offers a “Complete HIPAA Compliance Solution”.  This includes everything you need for HIPAA Compliance, in one location.

Protect your organization, avoid fines, unhappy customers and the potential fallout from breaches by creating and maintaining effective compliance and associated security plans.

One of the biggest threats to your practice these days is actually your HIPAA compliancy – or lack of it.

Federal HIPAA-Hitech requirements are incredibly confusing, and the penalties for not being compliant can be debilitating.

Let Us Eliminate Your Stress of HIPAA Compliance once and for all! 

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Not Ready to take that leap, that’s OK.

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True IT Partner

Omega Tecks is a highly skilled, true IT “partner” with integrity. A partner works towards a shared vision and is truly looking out for your good, and Omega Tecks is that in spades. I have the confidence that Omega Tecks is not going to take advantage of our lack of IT knowledge and is consistently and constantly looking out for us and securing our vulnerabilities. We get straight talk that is communicated in terms that make sense to the average person. Jason’s experience and expertise allows him to understand what companies need and do not need, and how to manage and implement systems that just work and create less downtime and more security.

Kristin Clauson Evolve
Director of Evolution
Mission, KS

Responsive, Knowledgeable and Consistent Techs

The biggest benefits since moving to Omega Tecks is response time and working with the same person each time.

Other firms send me whoever is available whether they know our system or not. We often get billed for them just trying to learn our system and/or breaking something because they do not know it. Omega Tecks allows us to work with the same technician each time.

Whether it is IT, HVAC, electrician when it comes to my business, I want to work with a company that gives me one or two representatives who know my system specifically I do not want to have to retrain whoever they send me each time on where to go and find our stuff.

Alexa Ewell Ace Personnel
Director of Operations
Mission, KS